How to Dance at a Wedding (Crash Course for Guys!)

Are you this guy at the wedding?


Do you make 4-5 escapes to the bathroom every hour just so you can avoid the dance floor?

Do you try to strike up awkward conversations with other guys at the bar just so you can kill time — and not have to dance?

If so, I know how you feel!

Before I learned how to dance, whenever I received an invitation to a wedding, this would be my immediate thought:

“Oh jeez, there’s gonna be music.. and dancing! How can I get around it…?”

Instead of seeing these parties as time for celebration, I would see them as 5 hours of MISERY! NO FUN!

Here’s the good news:

If you have a wedding event coming up in a few weeks, and you need to learn how to dance.. FAST, then this guide will show you how you can avoid being the table-hugger, and how to join in on the fun!

Kicking things off, here are the..



Key #1: People don’t care that you don’t dance well, they just really want you to JOIN THEM

If you’re sitting there at the table on your own, you’re actually a BIGGER target for being pointed out for being a BAD DANCER! The ladies love to drag guys onto the dance floor, and if you’re not already on the dance floor, then you’re going to be a sitting duck!

The truth is that nobody cares that you dance “well”, they just want you to join them on the dance floor.

I know what you’re thinking though..

“I would love to join in, but when I step onto the dance floor, my feet just freeze!”

“I’ve tried to learn some dance moves, but it feels really awkward!”

I get it! And this is where the second key comes into play:


Key #2: To learn how to dance fast — you need to learn less, and do MORE

Most guys try to learn too many dance moves at once (and learn the WRONG dance moves). This is why dancing feels awkward and most guys never end up getting a hang of the skill.

In reality, it’s better to be able to do just a FEW dance moves well, rather than to know many dance moves, but not being able to do any of them properly.


To demonstrate what I mean, check out this short tutorial where I show you 2 basic dance moves:


Take a look at how these 2 dance moves make up a casual freestyle:

Now you see how it works, give these dance moves a try to these popular songs that you usually hear at weddings:

Hip Hop


Pop music

Other popular wedding songs

Congrats! You’ve just gone through the “How to dance casually at a wedding” crash course!

If you have an event coming up soon, and you need to master these dance moves fast, then check the 7-Day Dance Floor Crash Course System. It’s the fastest, easiest way for the common guy with no previous dance experience to learn how to dance!

Learn more about the program here:

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