How to dance at a party – a guide for guys

“I’ve been struggling with the idea of enrolling for a dance class as I’m extremely ashamed to dance in public because I think I cannot dance. When I attempted, to dance at a party my friends laughed at me, so I prefer not to dance now.”

“I just want basic moves that I can do so I don’t look like a dork at parties”

Dancing at parties is probably one of the biggest unspoken, nerve-wrecking fears guys experience. In this article I’m going to give you some solid, actionable steps for you to get this issue handled.


By now, we all know that – men – dancing – is becoming more and more acceptable and even POPULAR of a “thing”. In fact, it’s kind of expected of us to be able to dance nowadays!

I mean it is a good way to mingle with others, have fun, not to mention get attention from the ladies like this:

Uhh.. scratch that, not like that..

More like this:

Okay all jokes aside,

Guys dancing – totally in.

But what’s this?

You don’t know how to dance?

Uh oh, I guess that’s why you’re reading this in the first place.

At the end of the day, we want to have fun at these parties, not just standing on the sideline watching right?

Well, I often get the question: What kind of casual dance moves should I do at parties?

How do I do them correctly?

How do I not look dumb doing them?

Well, here are a couple tips and a few easy dance moves to point you off towards the right direction.


This is a variation of the step-touch dance move.

Some additional info:

This move is great for dancing with in a circle or among your friends because it’s very “low-key”. If you’re not very confident in your dance moves yet – I’m guessing you’re not, then this move will help you blend in and get “your feet wet” without potential embarrassment.

If you mess this dance move up when you’re with your friends, chances are that nobody will notice! It’s great. It is a good crutch for you to boost your confidence and at least get used to moving to the music.

Make sure to watch this a few times and get a good hang of it. It shouldn’t take long.



I get question of “What’s a good move I can do when I’m dancing on my own?”

Well, this one is the next level up.

It’s a very good beginner solo step.

This one as mentioned is different. It’s one of my favorite dance moves by the way.

It requires a little bit more confidence to execute because you won’t have the camouflaging aid that you had when dancing with your friends. In other words, you’ll be standing out!

A few things I will point out for doing this move: Keep your hips LOOSE. What I mean by this is relax your torso so you don’t look stiff and awkward. Don’t worry, you won’t look feminine.

You want to practice this move in front of the mirror until you’re comfortable enough to do it without thinking about it.


Gaining confidence!

I know that knowing how to do something is sometimes very different from actually doing the thing within context!

Kind of like singing in the shower is very different from singing in front of a live audience of a couple thousand on national television.

Rehearsing a speech on your own being quite different from delivering it at the presentation.

You get the point –

My suggestion is to stick with the basic step-touch and the step-touch variations shown in the first video. As mentioned, it’s a great way for you to ease yourself in to dancing in public. When you dance with your friends and you feel like you look dumb, it’s okay! Because you’re thinking: If I look dumb, then we all look dumb together – it’s not all that bad!

You know what I’m talking about I’m sure.

Point being – by following along to the tutorials and easing yourself in to dancing in public, you will do fine!

Final tips –

One thing to remember is that dancing is about moving to the music, so once you’ve gotten your moves down, stop worrying about the steps and transition over to reacting to the music. In other words, after learning the moves, it’s no longer about figuring out what to do, but seeing where the music takes you.

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