How To Dance at a Club (Crash Course for Guys)

Before I learned to dance, I’d be one of those guys that would go to the club and stand in the corner alone with a drink in hand.. I would watch the fun go down on the dance floor without having a CLUE what to do!

Everyone would be laughing, mingling and having the time of their lives. And I would be standing there alone, ignored and forgotten.

I gotta say, it’s one of the most miserable feelings in the world!

My inability to dance was a little secret of mine that I didn’t share with anyone.

Instead of just telling people that I don’t want to go clubbing because I couldn’t dance, I would make up lame excuses like:

“Oh, I’m not much of a clubbing person, you guys have fun!”


“I think I’m busy that night, thanks for inviting me though!”

After awhile, my co-workers and new people I’d meet would just assume that I’m a boring person, and they would stop inviting me out on weekends.

It really sucked!

In the beginning of 2009, after a horrific New Years Eve party, I finally set my foot down and made it my new year’s resolution to get this “dancing” part of my life handled.

Fast forward till’ now, I’ve become the guy that would be the first on the dance floor and the last person to leave!

This dance skill has allowed me to meet countless new people, and create memories of many unforgettable nights! So now, let me show you what I wish someone had shown me YEARS ago to help you join in on the fun at clubs and parties!

First off, let me reveal to you..



The big myth that I believed when I first tried learning how to dance was that you need a BIJILLION dance moves under your belt to make dancing look good!

But the truth is that the KEY to dancing well at clubs, parties and social functions is to:

  1. have a small hand-full of dance moves mastered — this means being able to do them without “thinking about it”
  2. be able to transition from one move to the other

And that’s pretty much it! Instead of being overwhelmed trying to learn a bunch of dance moves, it’s much easier and more effective to focus on just a FEW dance moves and strive to MASTER them.

But before you start learning the dance moves, you need to make sure your body can catch a beat.

Watch these 2 videos to learn the up-groove so you can catch a beat with your body.


First, the big-motion up-groove:

Next, the small-motion up-groove:

Now you understand how to catch a beat with your body, it’s time for you to learn a few basic dance moves.

Basic dance move #1

Basic dance move #2


Now you have a few basic dance moves, it’s time for you to try them to different-genre music.


Hip Hop






If your arms look kinda awkward right now, this video will help:


If your body looks really stiff and tensed up like a robot, then try these 2 exercises:

Congrats! You’ve just gone through the “how to dance at a club” crash course!

If you have an event coming up soon, and you need to master these dance moves fast, then check the 7-Day Dance Floor Crash Course System. It’s the fastest, easiest way for the common guy with no previous dance experience to learn how to dance!

Learn more about the program here:

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