Easy Dance Moves for Guys

“It’s about time I learned how to dance”

“It’s about time I got this dance thing handled!”

Okay, okay,

I know that it’s a little embarrassing to admit that dancing is not your strongest skill set,

In fact, maybe dancing is not a skill set of your’s at all.

All of a sudden you turn around and realized that guys nowadays are expected to learn how to dance!

How ridiculous!

No thanks to John Trevolta, Hugh Jackman, Channing Tatum and all these ridiculous Hollywood guys setting the bars super high for us!

I mean seriously, look at Trevolta 20 some years ago — already tearin’ it up.

Hugh Jackman? Yeah he can dance.

Let’s not even talk about Channing

“Damn, how can I compete with these superstars?”

Don’t worry, allow me to help.

Here are some easy dance moves that you can pick up quickly so you can begin catching yourself up to speed.

Hip-Hop Music Friendly Dance Move

Hip Hop used to be huge in the clubs, I mean it still is, but not nearly as popular. Regardless, hip hop based dance moves are good to start off with since the music is usually slower than the other styles of club music.

This one is called the Butterfly Bounce. This one works with music that is about 95 beats per minute.

Try it out to this song.

Next, this move is the simple bop. This one goes well to the popular EDM music genre.

Check it out:

Since this move has smaller movements, you get to try it to some faster music! This song is much more housey, about 125 beats per minute.

Lastly, we have dance moves for slower to music. Now these moves are actually more challenging because you have to pay attention to the music and move with it!

Here are the moves.

Ready to try it to some music? Give these a go:

Alright COOL!

So, now that you’ve learned few easy dance moves, it’s time to do a little practice and take it out to public!

Practice in front of the mirror at first to make sure it’s up to your own standard.

Another tip is trying getting a video of yourself practicing. This way you can have an additional “perspective” on how you look.

And that’s about all for now!

Want to learn some more versatile, good looking and easy-learning dance moves?

Looking to get good fast so you can join in on the fun?

Check out the Dance Floor Confidence Program!

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