Club Dance Moves for Men

Let me guess, we find ourselves in the club or at a social function.

We find ourselves watching people “get down” on the dance floor – dancing away, laughing, mingling, being silly and having fun.

But you? Unlike them, you’re standing in the corner with a drink in your hand feeling incredibly uncomfortable and out of place.

All you want to do is to join in on the fun with the crowd!

Even though if you think about it, it’s literally just walking a few feet forward and start mimicking whatever you see. However, when in the moment, it appears like an impossible task!

If you’ve been browsing around the internet for a while now searching for tips tricks and tutorials for handling this little “problem”,  chances are you’ve come across some tutorials like these:

Cool but.. pretty far from what you can see yourself doing

Or you may see tutorials like this:

helpful.. but not useful

And there’s this

Really far from what you have in your mind.

“How am I supposed to pull that off?”

You may be wondering.

Where exactly to start? Hmm..

Okay, if you’re looking for some sort of assurance that you have a chance of learning how to dance and you’re looking for a simple starting point. I’m going to provide you with some valuable pointers. Also: I’m gonna be giving you a few basic club dance moves for you to get started with.

Many guys believe that dancing is something very complex and it’s either that you “got it” or “you don’t have it”.
Most times guys come to me saying things like: “I’ve never dance in my life before, do you think I have a chance?”


“I’m 54 years old and I’ve never stepped foot on a dance floor before – do you think I can learn?”

And often I hear things like:

“My girlfriend loves to dance but I never see myself as a dancer. Do you think I will be able to get started without making a fool out of myself?

Let me start off by saying – Yes! You can learn how to dance.

If you don’t have hearing problems and you have 2 legs (even if not) you can dance!

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts – the complicated looking dance moves that you see “pro” dancers do are simply a few one-dimensional movements combined together.

“What does that mean?” You may be asking.

Well, I want you to think of a food dish – let’s say some honey lemon chicken wings in this case! Mmmm.

The dish itself is delicious I’m sure you can agree.

However, let’s look at the different ingredients on its own.

We have some honey – sweet on its own, but that’s all it is. Just sweet.

We have lemon juice. Smells nice, but really bitter! Can’t really stand it when its own its own.

Chicken on its own – tastes like chicken. Not much to it.

Garlic – smells strong, but again, not something you would typically eat straight.

Salt- Salty as heck! Makes you throw up when you accidently eat too much at once!


what happens when you combine these ingredients together?

It becomes this new and complex mixture right? The taste is intricate and the texture is simply mouth-watering!

Point being, most “things” on its own are not very special, however, if you combine a number of them together in the right way, they turn in to something that is “functional”

Functional in the context of cooking is that you get a tasty dish!

Functional in the context of dance however, is that you get good-looking dance moves.

If you put a little extension of the knees in with a step to the left, you get a bopping dance move.

By tilting your head sideways and then tiling your body by the hips, you begin to create a waving type of movement with your body.


Much like there are recipe books for delicious cooking, there are recipes for good dance moves.

If you follow the directions correctly, you too, will be able to pull of these good-looking dance moves.

I hope this clears up some questions on your mind.

Let’s jump in and check out some dance move recipes!

First, in this video I quickly go over a simple rhythm development exercise you can use to start learning how to “move to a beat”

Here are a few basic moves afterwards you can get started with.

First – this is the butterfly groove.

This one is very versatile and can be done to slow music or fast music. As you can tell, it does not require you to move your feet. This is also classified as a bounce-based move.

Next, we will try a few step-based moves. This video will show you how it’s done!

Once you are practiced with these moves, you should be off to a great start!

As mentioned, make sure to think of these dance moves as simply combination of basic, one-dimensional movements.

Also: when you’re dancing, listen to the music! As you become better, you will notice that you listen to the music more and more and you start to “react” to the music with your dance moves automatically.

That’s all for now!
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