Fastest, Easiest Way for Men to go from..
"feeling awkward, anxious and out-of-place"on the dance floor, to being "dance floor ready".
The step-by-step, follow-along system to "gaining some rhythm", moving to the beat, loosening up your body, learning the basic dance moves, mastering the dance moves, and joining in on the fun -- in 7 days
The 7 Day Dance Floor Crash Course System
The follow-as-I-do, step-by-step system for the common guy with no previous experience to learn how to dance in the clubs, weddings, parties and social functions
365 Day, 110% Money Back
"Dance Floor Ready" Guarantee
If you don't experience the following benefits after going through the 7-day program:
  • Have the ability to step out onto the dance floor, automatically start moving, stepping and grooving to the music
  • Join in on the fun on the dance floor instead of being left out of the fun and ignored
  • Receive compliments from the ladies for being a "good dancer"
OR if you're not satisfied with the program for any reason at all..

Send me an e-mail and receive a 110% money back for your purchase!
Answers to the most popular questions guys ask about "learning how to dance"
  • How do I stop being so "tensed up" and "stiff"
  • What can I do to become more confident on the dance floor?
  • Why is it that whenever I step onto the dance floor, my feet just freeze?
  • How to approach the ladies on the dance floor without rejection?
  • What to do when a girl starts dancing up on you?
  • How do I make sure I don't look 'gay' and prevent sending out the "wrong message"?
  • What exactly do I do with my arms when I'm dancing?
  • How am I supposed to be dancing when I'm on my own?
  • And more!
What other guys have to say about the How To Dance For Men training material
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How is this different from the YouTube videos?

A: YouTube tutorials show you singular dance moves that are "nice to know" -- the 7 Day Dance Floor Crash Course is a SYSTEM that takes you step-by-step through the PROCESS of learning how to dance. It's the difference between "learning a single word in a foreign language" versus "learning how to speak in the foreign language".

Q: How much practice do I need? How much time do I need to spend on this?

A: The 7 Day Dance Floor Crash Course program is presented in the 7-day format so you don't get overwhelmed -- Each day's worth of videos is an average of 26 minutes. No additional practice beyond the content is required.

Q: I don't have any rhythm, will this work?

A: There's a bonus "rhythm training" portion that helps you develop rhythm before you start with the lessons.

Q: I've never danced before, will this work?

A:This program is created for the complete-beginner with no previous experience -- Yes it'll work.

Q: How do I learn from it? How does the setup work?

A: Play the videos on your computer or tablet device -- watch and follow 1 set of videos per day for 7 days.

Q: Am I going to look feminine doing these dance moves?

A: No